Live Out Loud

Hang out together!

This site is to keep you updated on upcoming events just for homeschoolers in Middle and High School. Send us an email if you have ideas for activities, whether social or academic. We want to make these years are great for you and your family. Take a minute and take our poll.

Facebook Check us out

For daily updates, event lists and tons of information, check us out on facebook. L.O.L. Teen Freedom Homeschoolers Group

Prom 2013Through the Looking Glass

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for this year's Homeschool Prom "Through the Looking Glass" on Saturday, April 27, 2013. We'll be painting the roses red at Britt David Baptist Church from 7:00 pm-11:00 pm. This amazing evening is for homeschooled students in 9th-12th grade. Each eligible homeschooler may also bring 1 guest between the ages of 13-21. For more details, go to our prom webpage.

High School Happenings Don't Miss Out

We are planning several opportunities for our teens to LIVE OUT LOUD this year, such as yearbook staff, college field trips, homeschooling a highschooler, high school testing, Fall Sadie Hawkins Dance, prom, graducation, Pen Pal Buddies, and much more. You can check out Freedom's calendar to get all the details on upcoming events for our teens.

Fall and Spring Co-op

Each fall and spring families in Freedom homeschoolers get together to learn. Parents teach classes and students have an opportunity to choose classes they'd like to take in a group. For more details about co-op, go to the Co-op webpage.

Every Month International Potluck/Game Night

Each month we'll meet in someone's home for dinner and games. Each person brings food according to what country is being featured that month. The Freedom Homeschoolers calendar will list the date and location for each month as well as what country is being featured. Keep up with all the details by responding to group emails or LOL facebook events. This was a big hit last year. We still need host families to sign up for this event. Contact Elizabeth at emaunz@gmail.com

Every Month Teen Movie Night

Each month students will gather to see a current movie on the first Tuesday of the month. Polls will be taken on the group facebook page to determine what movie everyone wants to see.